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Japan’s New Invention: T-Shirts That Enhances Boobs

Have you ever dreamed about having bigger boobs without paying thousands of dollars and dealing with surgery?  A Japanese clothing

‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Receives McDonald’s ‘Mulan’ Szechuan Sauce

The co-creator of “Rick and Morty”, Justin Roiland, will be able to dip his McDonald’s nuggets in the famous “Mulan”

Wealthy North Koreans Use Internet for Facebook and Porn

People have stated that North Korea is isolated from the world and that there is no freedom for any citizens.

Japanese High School Boy is Famous by Looking Like a Girl

A Japanese High School boy started his fame by looking like a doll, but of the opposite sex.  

‘Pokémon Go’ Releases Legendary Pokémon

Niantic, the developer of the famous mobile game ‘Pokémon Go’, has launched a new update, which includes Legendary Pokémon from

Miss Singapore Finalists Criticized for Being ‘Ugly’

A photo of the finalists for Miss Singapore 2017 has gone viral, but for all the wrong reason.  There were

Woman in China wins ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ Contest

A competition for the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ in China took place in a shopping mall in Shenyang, a provincial capital

Chinese Elderly Throws Coins to Engine, Delays Flight For 5 Hours

A Chinese elderly woman threw coins to the plane engine “for good luck”, causing the flight from Shanghai to delay

Gorgeous Taiwanese Designer Amazes the Internet

Lure Hsu, a Taiwanese designer, can definitely pass for a teenager with her looks and sense of fashion.  The internet