Miss Singapore Finalists Criticized for Being ‘Ugly’

A photo of the finalists for Miss Singapore 2017 has gone viral, but for all the wrong reason.  There were so many rude comments that the photo was removed from the public eye.



Photographer Joseph Juban took photos of the finalists in their bikini, but had to change the privacy setting from public to private due to significant amounts of harsh criticisms.



Many people were baffled and commented on the appearances of the women, even including several racial slurs.  Another similar scenario happened when the official page posted a photo of the girls at the gym, but the rude comments and insults continued.  The photo has been taken down since.





However, there were some people who saw this situation and supported the girls, commending them for their efforts in joining the pageant.



This photo has been going viral because many find the contestants 'not up to standard' or 'ugly'. Here is my take on…

Posted by Melissa Wix on Tuesday, July 11, 2017


The winner of several Miss Singapore pageants will compete onward.  The winner of Miss Singapore Tourism Queen International will represent Singapore, where they will be competing in China for the title of Miss Tourism Queen International.  Miss Singapore Global Queen will continue on to South Korea, to compete in Miss Global Beauty Queen, and Miss Singapore Chinatown will compete in Hong Kong for Miss Chinese International Pageant.



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Written by Jenn