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Boost Your Attractiveness with these Fashion Secrets

I spoke with Giovanni Wan on the podcast to discuss how Asian men can rehabilitate their image and become more attractive to women.

Where’s Wes: Colombia Changed 10x’d My Dating Life

Wes, like many Asian men, felt lost in the United States. It took a trip to Latin America for him to find his purpose in life.

Mayly Tao: The Donut Princess Discusses the Cambodian Refugee Hustle

Mayly Tao is the great niece of Ted Ngoy, the “Donut King” of SoCal. He came to America, penniless, and

Realistic VR is Coming. How will Relationships Change?

I was highly interested in how the Internet feels about realistic VR and how that changes the dating marketplace. Here’s

Ruby Le (Ruby Love) Discusses Online Dating Strategies for Asian Men

In our latest podcast episode we talk with Ruby Le on dating strategies for Asian men.

Chanel Christine’s Insane Life Story: Drugs, Fame, Parties, and EDM

In this interview we talk with Chanel Christine about what happened during her meltdown and the events leading up to it.

Mike Squattin Casanova

Mike “SquattinCasanova” Shares How Asian Men Can Kill it in Dating

Are you an Asian guy having trouble dating? Especially during the pandemic? Check out this podcast episode and level yourself up!

How Kevin Kreider is Paving the Way for Asian Male Representation with Bling Empire

Go all the way to the end to watch the full interview with Kevin Kreider (@kevin.kreider). Pictures by Sabrina Banks