Chanel Christine’s Insane Life Story: Drugs, Fame, Parties, and EDM

In this interview we talk with Chanel Christine about what happened during her meltdown and the events leading up to it.

Chanel Christine is an influencer who was featured on Amped Asia many years ago! But a few years after being featured, she fell into hard times as she got addicted to drugs.

Her life was a whirlwind. From being with top DJs touring all over the world to suddenly losing all her fame and fortune from whippet addiction. Chanel’s life was absolutely insane.

We talk about what was going on in her life leading up to her drug addiction, how she funded her habit with a “night job,” how she slid into celebrity DMs to get perks, and her recovery from addiction.

This was an extremely juicy interview, so pay attention!

If you’d rather listen, search up “Amped Asia” in whatever podcast app you use.

Written by Editorial Staff