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Crazy Rich Asians

It’s Not Surprising that Crazy Rich Asians Bombed at the China Box Office

It’s a bit disheartening to see Crazy Rich Asians bomb at the Chinese box office, coming in 4th on the

The Shang-Chi Announcement, and What it Means for Asians (and Asian Men)

Earlier today, Marvel announced the first superhero movie with an Asian protagonist, Shang-Chi. Even though we don’t have a cast

Boy Inserts 26 Magnet Balls in His Penis

A boy in China underwent surgery for two hours to remove 26 tiny metal balls from his bladder. At a

Chinatown Store Owner Uses Bamboo Stick to Defend Against Armed Man

A store owner from Chinatown defended himself by using a bamboo stick against a knife-wielding man. Charles Liu, an 86-year-old

2-Year-Old Girl in China Dies From Prank

In an apartment complex in Changsha, China, a 5-year-old boy carried the 2-year-old girl to the elevator, sending her to

Woman in China wins ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ Contest

A competition for the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ in China took place in a shopping mall in Shenyang, a provincial capital

Gorgeous Taiwanese Designer Amazes the Internet

Lure Hsu, a Taiwanese designer, can definitely pass for a teenager with her looks and sense of fashion.  The internet

White Teen Murdered Chinese Grandpa, Gets Life in Prison

A Chinese elderly man was visiting his daughter on New Year’s Day, but was unfortunately murdered by a heinous man

Asian Women Smuggled Suitcase Made of Cocaine

Smugglers usually hide their illegal items, but not for this Southeast Asian woman.   She was arrested at Pudong Airport