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Hate Crime Charges Dropped in Attack on Filipino Family in Hollywood

A California judge has dropped hate crime charges against Nicholas Weber, a man accused of attacking a Filipino American family

South Korea Offers $500 a Month to Help Reclusive Youths Reconnect with Society

In a groundbreaking move, the South Korean government is offering $500 a month to “reclusive lonely young people” to help

Japan’s Population Dips Below 125 Million: A 12-Year Downward Trend Continues

Japan’s population has experienced its 12th consecutive year of decline, falling below 125 million for the first time. According to

960 Tries to Freedom: The Inspiring Story of Cha Sa-soon

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s exactly what one woman in Korea did when it came

Man Was Assaulted After Meeting Online Woman

A Taiwanese man was beaten, robbed, and stripped of his clothes after meeting a woman he talked to online.  

Server Names Asian Woman “Ching Chong” In Receipt, Manager Says Maybe They Misheard Name

Sometimes servers misspell the customers’ names, but one server decided to blatantly describe the customer with a derogatory and racial

“Perverted Monster” Gets Sentenced To 17 Years After Raping Asian Student For Hours

An IT Consultant from Addlestone, Surrey has been sentenced to 17  years in prison after raping an Asian student for

Chinatown Store Owner Uses Bamboo Stick to Defend Against Armed Man

A store owner from Chinatown defended himself by using a bamboo stick against a knife-wielding man. Charles Liu, an 86-year-old

2-Year-Old Girl in China Dies From Prank

In an apartment complex in Changsha, China, a 5-year-old boy carried the 2-year-old girl to the elevator, sending her to