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Upcoming Summer Swimsuit Craze: Sexy Ninja Cosplay

It isn’t Summer nor even Halloween yet, even though it’s been raining like crazy and feels like fall already here

Boy Inserts 26 Magnet Balls in His Penis

A boy in China underwent surgery for two hours to remove 26 tiny metal balls from his bladder. At a

Survive A Zombie Apocalypse For $100

Ever want to experience a real-life zombie apocalypse? Zombies are huge in modern culture, from movies and television series to

Japan’s New Invention: T-Shirts That Enhances Boobs

Have you ever dreamed about having bigger boobs without paying thousands of dollars and dealing with surgery?  A Japanese clothing

Australian Local Captures Himself Making Racist Remarks To a 7-Eleven Employee

A video of an aggravated man has sprung up on the internet where he is shown saying racist remarks to

5% Of Men Have Had Sex With Their Vacuum Cleaners

Our favorite British Cam-Girl, Harriet Sugarcookie, put together an article discovering that 5% of men have had sex with their

All Hail Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach

It’s that time year again. Time to see each countries most beautiful women compete against each other for the title

How To Deal With Fuck Boys – Keo Necra Brings Us Dick Pic Diaries (Part 2)

Editor Notes: Our justice dealing import/fitness model neighbor from the north brings the 2nd part to her trilogy. Probably my

Otaku Dreams: Evangelion Lingerie

The Evangelion series is known as one of the most successful and well-known franchises in Japan’s anime history. But a