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How to Get a White Boyfriend: A Guide for Asian Women

There’s a lot of hate on the Internet for Asian men, even some from Asian women. A YouTuber is finally

Racist Airbnb Host is Fined $5000 and Must Take an Asian American Studies Course

Earlier this year in February, an Airbnb host cancelled on a client last minute because of her ethnicity.  The former

Miss Singapore Finalists Criticized for Being ‘Ugly’

A photo of the finalists for Miss Singapore 2017 has gone viral, but for all the wrong reason.  There were

Tech Investor Leaves Firm After Sexually Harassing Asian Female Entrepreneurs

Justin Caldbeck, a co-founder of Binary Capital in Silicon Valley, will be leaving indefinitely from his firm due to sexual

Racist Canadian Woman Demands ‘White Doctor’ Only

At an urgent care clinic in Canada, a woman caused a commotion, demanding a doctor who was “White”, “doesn’t have

BIGBANG’s T.O.P. Prosecuted for Marijuana Use

A popular Korean pop star was booked in Korea for smoking a vape pen that contained marijuana.   Choi Seung

Meet the Filipino Fast Food Worker Who Looks Just like Chloe Grace Moretz!

They say every person has a doppelgänger. But it’s even more shocking when the doppelgängers aren’t even of the same

This Girl Is Breaking The Internet With Her Virgin Killer Sweater

This Japanese Girl is breaking the internet with her Virgin Killer Sweater. If you’re not familiar with it; it is

Australian Local Captures Himself Making Racist Remarks To a 7-Eleven Employee

A video of an aggravated man has sprung up on the internet where he is shown saying racist remarks to