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I Use Men for Money and Never Have Sex With Them, I’m a “FinDom”

Editor’s Note: We’re revisiting this article, which was one of the most viral hits on our website 4 years ago.

Upcoming Summer Swimsuit Craze: Sexy Ninja Cosplay

It isn’t Summer nor even Halloween yet, even though it’s been raining like crazy and feels like fall already here

Boy Inserts 26 Magnet Balls in His Penis

A boy in China underwent surgery for two hours to remove 26 tiny metal balls from his bladder. At a

Pervert Pranks Women And Touches Their Breasts

A video of a fake magician went viral on social media because he was fooling girls and touching their breasts.  Although he was arrested, he has uploaded a new video of him doing the same thing, but using a different trick. 

Hooters Changing Uniform for More “Family Friendly” Atmosphere

Hooters is notoriously known for waitresses wearing low cut tanks and booty shorts, which appeals to a specific group of

Korean Actress Eats Only Three Spoons of Rice Daily to Keep Slim Figure

There’s a lot of pressure for entertainers in Korea to maintain their appearance. One Korean actress revealed the diet that

Slut Shaming Woman Turns Out To Be A Cam-Girl

Have you ever seen couples who are waiting in line show small bits of affection towards each other? Normally, people

Australian Local Captures Himself Making Racist Remarks To a 7-Eleven Employee

A video of an aggravated man has sprung up on the internet where he is shown saying racist remarks to

Chinese Company Tencent Under Fire After Company Party Video

Chinese Internet Company, Tencent, is under fire for a leaked video of their female employees simulating fellatio on their male