Korean Actress Eats Only Three Spoons of Rice Daily to Keep Slim Figure

There’s a lot of pressure for entertainers in Korea to maintain their appearance. One Korean actress revealed the diet that she has been staying on to maintain her slender figure.

Lee Tae-Im claims that she has been only eating three spoonsful of rice every day for the past six months. This became known during an episode of MBC Every1’s “VideoStar”.

She admits that she changed her diet due to being insecure of fellow actresses, Park Han-Byul and Lee Chae-Young, when they were doing a photoshoot together.

“I did the photoshoot with actress Park Han-Byul and Lee Chae-Young, who showed up with perfectly toned bodies. I became ashamed of my body and was embarrassed to stand next to them. I got so upset that I cried,” the actress explains.

Tae understands the consequences of her diet and urges viewers to not partake in what she has been doing. She promises to her viewers that she will gain 2-3 kilograms and increase her rice intake.

Written by Jenn