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Blackpink Invitation Blunder: South Korean National Security Advisor Resigns

South Korea’s National Security Advisor Kim Sung-han has resigned after being accused of not informing President Yoon Suk-yeol about Blackpink’s

7 K-POP Idols Most Revealing Photoshoots for Maxim

Maxim is one of our favorite publications. It’s fair to say if they weren’t around, we wouldn’t be. That said,

Japanese AV KPOP Group Honey Popcorn

We all know that sex sells. One of the top artists in the US right now is Cardi B and

This Sexy K-Pop’s Figure is So Stunning Her Nickname is ““Barbie Doll Body”

Here’s Nana. The Korean singer, model, and actress triple threat of the popular girl group “After School”:   Along with

BIGBANG’s T.O.P. Prosecuted for Marijuana Use

A popular Korean pop star was booked in Korea for smoking a vape pen that contained marijuana.   Choi Seung

Korean Actress Eats Only Three Spoons of Rice Daily to Keep Slim Figure

There’s a lot of pressure for entertainers in Korea to maintain their appearance. One Korean actress revealed the diet that

K-Pop Banned From China

China has just banned all Korean Artists from performing in China. So any music or visual media that hails from

Seo Ji Soo Rape Rumors

Female K-pop Idol Accused of Rape, Nymphomania

Now this is something you don’t hear about everyday in the K-pop community. Seo Ji Soo from the new K-pop