Japanese AV KPOP Group Honey Popcorn

We all know that sex sells. One of the top artists in the US right now is Cardi B and she was a stripper. But what happens when we put non-koreans to debut as a KPOP group that so happens to be Japanese Porn Stars. You get Honey Popcorn.

Honey Popcorn consists of

Yua Mikami

Moko Sakura

and Miko Matsuda

The got together last month and announced that they will be debuting their act today, but unfortunately lash back has made them cancel their show by creating a Blue House petition to ban the group’s debut and filing complaints with the venue that booked Honey Popcorn’s showcase.

Their talent agency says that they will debut sometime soon. Well, if they don’t let them debut over there, I’m pretty sure we’re more than happy to have them over here.

Written by Hugh Huynh