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Asian European Woman Undergoes Surgery To Be A Living Barbie Doll

Ophelia Vanity is a half Icelandic, half Chinese woman that currently resides here in Los Angeles. Growing up she was

Boba Tea Is Destroying The Children’s Future According To Some Parents

In Millbrae, Calfornia; The Nextdoor App is blowing up with concerns about Boba Milk Tea Shops. Best of Nextdoor Twitter

Cringy Girl Verbally Accosts Her Korean Classmate

Prepare yourself for a cringy ride. A super weird Facebook conversation was posted up on Reddit and has been upvoted

Hong Kong Trying To Jail This Model For Her Lewd Videos

Yui Yui, a busty Taiwanese model, is currently facing legal ramifications for posting up lewd videos on her Youtube. Yui

Japanese AV KPOP Group Honey Popcorn

We all know that sex sells. One of the top artists in the US right now is Cardi B and

Asian Sugar Baby Sued for $1.5 Million By Businessman

In “Asian sugar baby” news, a 19-year-old girl was sued by her ex-boyfriend for allegedly lying about her age, exploiting him

Famous Chinese “Rooftoper” Falls to His Death Trying to Earn Money to Marry His Girlfriend

Sometimes when we’re in a death-defying situation it makes us feel alive. Humans are weird. For 26-year-old adrenaline junkie, Wu Yongning,

22 Year Old Asian Girl Regrets Getting Over 30 Plastic Surgery to Please Her Boyfriend

Meet Berry NG, a 22-year-old Youtuber from Hong Kong.   Berry got her first taste of plastic surgery when she was

Want to Promote Peace? Grab Some Boobs!

Meet Pepsi Lu, a Youtuber from Japan. She’s a huge advocate of peace.   In fact, she’s such a huge