22 Year Old Asian Girl Regrets Getting Over 30 Plastic Surgery to Please Her Boyfriend

Meet Berry NG, a 22-year-old Youtuber from Hong Kong.


Berry got her first taste of plastic surgery when she was 17. She walked by a clinic that offered student discounts and went under the knife for the first time.  The discount was 799 HKD for 3 injections, but by the time she was done she paid more than 17,000 HKD to look like her favorite celebrities.  After that, she became addicted.


It doesn’t stop there though. Her addiction grew when she started dating an older guy when she was 21.  Her ex constantly criticized her looks and told her she was ugly and comparing her to other girls. Obviously, her confidence took a hit and she resorted to going under the knife multiple times to please him.


Over a period of 6 months, she became a frequent visitor to these clinics and changed every single aspect of her face from her eyes, lips, nose, forehead, and more. At the end, she looked completely different from her natural look.




Things didn’t get better. Her ex was never satisfied and during sex, he would have porn playing in the background and watch that instead of her. He would comment while staring at women’s’ large breasts, “How big! How great!” Berry relented and went to her parents for money to get breast implants. But later her ex claimed he never asked her to.  This was the last straw.


She realized her mistakes, broke up with him, and started posting her story on YouTube.  She’s hoping to share her experiences and let women know not to go down the same path as her. After having done so many changes, it’s too late for her to change back.


She says,

“I may have a very fake face, but I have a more true heart than most,”


Check out her YouTube below:




Written by Tai Tai