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For many of our Amped Asia readers and Asian Americans partying in Los Angeles, the name VS Nightlife is a familiar brand in the party scene. With over a decade of experience, Eric Young and his company VS Nightlife have been pioneering the Asian American party experience and are perhaps one of the only companies in the entire nation that focuses primarily on creating unforgettable nights out for Asian Americans.


Doing God’s work really..

Eric was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule making the craziest parties happen every weekend to teach us how to make YOUR night out on the town the best experience possible.


The face that launched a thousand parties!

Amped Asia: What advice do you have for Asian Americans going out looking to maximize their night life experience?

Eric: First and foremost I would say keep check of your expectations and attitudes, which applies to anyone Asian or not, male of female.



If you go out, say to a nightclub with the expectation of “I am going to get this many numbers or I am going to take a girl home,” right off the bat you’re going home alone, you’ve already lost. Because it’s the attitude, girls don’t like super obnoxious, pushy, or grabby guys, which is kind of why the whole K-club (Korean club) booking vibe kind of died out. Girls got sick of the bad attitudes and expectations from guys.


For girls it is kind of the same thing. Not to stereotype but Asian girls sometimes have a reputation for being a bit high maintenance at the club, a little bit over dramatic, and demanding. Many Asian girls expect guys to buy them drinks, which is fine because honestly that is just how the world works, but there is just too much expectation or entitlement in attitudes and expectations when going out which can lead to drama.


Amped Asia: Ok got it, so now that are attitudes and expectations are on point, how do we get all up in da club?

Eric: For most of the Asian venues getting in is done through the promoters, or what we call the nightlife influencers and taste makers. Get to know them, they get club information and events out to their friends and their social networks about events and venues that might not be available for everyone. Get on their guest list, comp lists or booker table reservations, it can save you time and money.

A lot of times if you just walk up to a club without being on any list usually about 25% of most people going out do this, which is fine, just know you will have to wait a lot longer. And if you are coming with a large party it is highly recommended to do table services because most people don’t realize this, but if you do the math, you end up spending generally the same amount and you are getting the real estate for free.


A table and bottle service these days is generally affordable, about $1000, so if you say have ten people in your group splitting the table you are spending about $100 a piece, what most people generally end up spending on a night out. Especially for guys who are buying drinks for themselves, friends, and girls.

Girls live in totally different world then men when it comes to going out. I think we all know that. We basically cater toward Asian girls like no other. Most of the girls that walk in, maybe 5% of the girls pay a cover. If you are an Asian girl who knows how to present themselves and have a good attitude you should have no problem getting in. Asian girls especially in LA know how to package themselves, they know how to dress the right way, what shoes to wear, and what purse to match. Of course this sounds very shallow, but image does play into it especially in Hollywood so having the right “assets” and knowing how to present them obviously helps.


Amped Asia: What kind of assets are we talking about here? A diverse and well organized stock portfolio?

Eric: Haha yes… but what makes LA so different than many other nightlife scenes across the country is we have so many beautiful Asian women going out. They are sort of the oil that makes the engine run.  Venues need hot girls to get the crowds to come out, which is why people choose to go out to the club or lounge instead of say, going to your local dive bar with 6 of your buddies. If you go to that dive bar you are leaving that dive bar with your buddies.

Amped Asia: Now that we are in da club, how do we make sure our time in there is well spent?

Eric: This goes back to attitude and expectations. 5 years ago Korean clubs were a dominant force in LA, tons of people went. Everyone had to get a table to be let in the club and would do booking, where the waiters would drag girls to your table and drink with you. But eventually people, especially girls got sick of doing this, which is kind of why the whole K-club (Korean club) booking vibe kind of died out.


Our number one complaint from girls that attend our events about guys is that sometimes guys can be just too aggressive or obnoxious because they have a table. Obviously you don’t want to just be shy, standing in the corner sipping on your drink but there is a balance. Just because you have a table doesn’t mean you are entitled.

Plus bottle service is far more affordable these days so there is no reason to get an attitude just because you are doing bottle service. This isn’t Vegas where tables can cost five grand or more.

Also it makes the world of difference if you tip your bartender an extra five dollars guy or girl. If you are buying drinks for $12 -$15 and say you tip a dollar, if you do the math, had you been out at a restaurant you wouldn’t even be tipping what is considered fair. Once you do that I guarantee you the next time you see the bartender they will remember you even in a crowd of people and your next drink will be double, and they will treat you right.


And for girls sometimes they tend to overreact or create drama. Fights don’t break out often and are a rare occurrence these days, but 90% of fights generally start between girls that escalate when guys start getting involved. There is no need for that so I think having the right attitude and not having any preconceived expectations help keep the drama low and everyone happy.

Amped Asia: Now armed with this great advice where should our Asian American readers apply the lessons they have learned? What are some of the scenes worth checking out in LA for Asian Americans?

Eric:  We are hosting the biggest Asian parties on the West Coast every Saturday at Belasco Night Club in Downtown LA. However, soon this will be moving to Metropolitan in West Hollywood. We’re only having a few more Belasco events.

But it really depends on your scene. If you stick to Los Angeles the trendy places if you are not going clubbing, like if you just want to grab drinks with friends, Line Hotel, Mrs. Fish or Perch. A lot of places in K-Town, these are all kind of like Supper Club bar/club/lounge places.

LA also has one of the biggest thriving EDM scenes in Hollywood. The EDM circuit people go to include Xchange, Create, and Avalon.

Then of course there are the Asian clubs, bars, and lounges in K-Town where if you just want to eat, get some drinks, or maybe do some karaoke. That’s just staying in the downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood areas, you even have places out in Orange County or San Gabriel Valley with local bars and lounges.

Amped Asia: Thanks for all the inside information, we along with our readers are sure to check it out. Our last question is, with over a decade of experience what keeps you motivated in continually building the Asian American lifestyle scene and where do you see it going?


Eric:  When we first started there weren’t that many party promoters catering toward Asian American tastes in LA let alone in the United States, with the exception of New York. In 2007 before the economy changed we saw an upswing of young professionals, stock brokers, you name it going out in places like LA, San Diego, and San Francisco’s Asian scene. After the economy started to struggle you saw less and less people going out and the scene starting to shrink.

Really LA and New York are some of the last places in the United States with a consistent and dedicated scene for Asian Americans to go out and have a good time. With VS Nightlife we are one of the last bastions of the party scene trying to maintain a presence on the West Coast. It’s something I feel passionate about providing and think is very important.

I have no allusions of what I do, but I think going out is an important part of one’s life. You never know who you will meet or the people that will come into your life from it. I’ve seen people meet the love of their lives, best friends, and people who will be in your life for years to come. I even met my dentist, lawyer, and doctors from my nights going out! So I want to help maintain that for others as well.

As far as where things are headed social media has really changed the game and given people more options and accessibility like never before. It makes it somewhat harder because now as a promoter you have more tools to promote but of course more competition, but with this new reach you have more access to people. This is what keeps me going forward. There have been times when I could have closed up shop but because I have a great dedicated staff who feel passionately about providing an atmosphere for Asian Americans to have a good time, which is why we keep doing it.


Keep reading to learn more about the background of Eric & VSNightlife!

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