3 Things Every Man Does Wrong in Online Dating

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Online dating has made it 100 times easier for guys to get some action. Here are 3 quick tips that will make it SUPER easy to get dates from the Internet.

Online dating is your last frontier. You’ve seen my articles about approaching women in public, you know how to go out and score at the clubs, and you’ve mastered the skill of building sexual tension with a girl so skillfully and subtly that she can’t help but melt at your advances like a frog in a pot of boiling water.


Helllloooo laaaddiiiies!

But for some reason you just can’t crack online dating.

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I’ll be the first to admit that online dating is an entirely different ballgame than pursuing women in the clubs, and I’m not going to sugar coat things by lying and telling you it’s easy. But part of the fun of pursuing women is in the challenge, and if you’re up for developing a new skill in dating, then turning your focus to the digital world is where it’s at.

concepts of online dating, with message on enter key of keyboard.

We have even more hotkeys we want to teach you if you know what we mean..

Even though online dating is a more difficult skill to master, it has several advantages over bringing home girls from the club. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. You can do it when you’re not feeling well enough to go to the club. You can do it on Tuesday when all the good clubs are closed.

The biggest advantage? The women are higher quality. That’s right: if you’re looking for relationship compatibility and not just sex, online dating is a must have in your tool belt.


Going to the club and paying for $12 beers or chatting with her… mmmmm decisions decisions…

If you’re ready to face that last frontier and become a true master of dating, here are three things that every man MUST have to be successful in online dating:

1) A Good Picture

NOT a good picture.

NOT a good picture.

DON’T try to rely on good looks by posting bathroom selfies of your abs or try to disguise yourself by relying on pictures of dogs and scenery. Bathroom selfies make a guy look self absorbed and douchey, and not even being visible in your picture raises major red flags.


Nothing suspect here… I mean his interest do include “hittin da gym”

DO be the most interesting man she’s ever looked at. Use a picture of you on your motorcycle. Put up a picture of that time you hung out with robot mimes in front of the Louvre, or that time you went ziplining through the Peruvian jungle. It’s important that she knows what you look like, but it’s MORE important that she knows she can have a good time with you. At the very least a cool picture is a great conversation starter, but when she looks in her inbox and sees a picture of a guy robot miming while riding a motorcycle down a zipline in the Peruvian jungle, she’s also more likely to click on that profile. Okay, you don’t have to go quite that extreme, but you get my point: make your profile picture so interesting that she can’t help but click on your profile to see the story behind the man who created it.


Interesting AND a family man.

BONUS POINTS: She’s flicking through thousands of pictures of different guys making the same poses in front of their bathroom mirror, and you’re going to stand out. By having a different kind of picture from the zillions of other men out there, she’s less likely to scroll past you and less likely to ignore your messages simply because her eyes will pause for an extra second on the guy who did something nobody else did.

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Written by Cindy Young