Racist Man Child Blows Up On Tinder, Gets What He Deserve: Internet Justice

Nick Vedovi, Fitness Model/Entrepreneur/Professional Fuckboy, blew up and was put on blast by his recent Tinder match blow up.


Not bad in the beginning. He and the Tinder Match have been on one date and he’s asking her to swing by for scary movies. Until…


From Zero to a Grand Wizard real quick. The tinder match took screen shots of the conversation and posted it online. Immediately the internet came and brought swift sweet justice.


Hundreds of people started emailing his place of business. He has now deactivated all his social media and Tinder has banned him for life.

Needless to say, the match followed up with him.


Don’t worry Nick; this is like a really bad herpes, this will flare back up again. Promise.

Written by Hugh Huynh