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Server Names Asian Woman “Ching Chong” In Receipt, Manager Says Maybe They Misheard Name

Sometimes servers misspell the customers’ names, but one server decided to blatantly describe the customer with a derogatory and racial

Racist Airbnb Host is Fined $5000 and Must Take an Asian American Studies Course

Earlier this year in February, an Airbnb host cancelled on a client last minute because of her ethnicity.  The former

Man Who Created “White Privilege Club” Says He’s Not Racist, Calls Asian Wife a ‘Slant Eye Import’

The man leading the now-deleted Facebook group, “White Privilege Club”, was arrested last Wednesday in San Francisco for driving through

Racist Canadian Woman Demands ‘White Doctor’ Only

At an urgent care clinic in Canada, a woman caused a commotion, demanding a doctor who was “White”, “doesn’t have

Serbia Volleyball Team Does Racist Pose in Japan

After the Serbia volleyball team won the 2018 FIVB Women’s World Championship in Japan, they celebrated their victory by doing

‘Indian’ Themed Taiwanese Restaurant Perpetuates Racism

People use different methods to promote their business and appeal to customers, even if it involves culture appropriation and promoting

Asian Man Assaulted at OC Night Market Because He Refused to Let a White Man Cut in Line

The OC Night Market showcases performances and different types of food that unite people together. However, last Sunday, an Asian

Filipina Model’s Old Tweets Revealed Her Discrimination Against Asian Men

Lily May Mac is an Australian Filipina model with over 3 million followers on Instagram.  Her social media following contributed

Airbnb Host Cancels Reservations on SoCal Woman Because of Her Race

Southern Californians head up to their nearest snowy mountain at Big Bear, to go skiing, snowboarding, and enjoy time with