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Boba Tea Is Destroying The Children’s Future According To Some Parents

In Millbrae, Calfornia; The Nextdoor App is blowing up with concerns about Boba Milk Tea Shops. Best of Nextdoor Twitter

Server Names Asian Woman “Ching Chong” In Receipt, Manager Says Maybe They Misheard Name

Sometimes servers misspell the customers’ names, but one server decided to blatantly describe the customer with a derogatory and racial

‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Receives McDonald’s ‘Mulan’ Szechuan Sauce

The co-creator of “Rick and Morty”, Justin Roiland, will be able to dip his McDonald’s nuggets in the famous “Mulan”

WANT! World’s First Beef Noodle Soup Vending Machine To Debut In Shanghai

Christmas is only about 6 months away and we already know what we want. A BEEF NOODLE SOUP VENDING MACHINE!

Introducing the Chizza, The Filipino Pizza With Crust Made Of Fried Chicken

The Philippines has given us perhaps the most artery clogging food we could have ever imagined. Read on to find

Hong Kong Has Pizza Fried Chicken

If you thought the double down was bad, Hong Kong just upped the ante. Read on to find out more!

BOBA and BOOBS! Visit Cafe Teaze in Las Vegas!

Boobs, Boba, and food. We just need dinosaurs we can ride and we would never leave! Read on more to

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Top 5 Asian Foods I Am Sick of Non-Asians Telling Me About!

ith the holiday season upon us, and namely, Thanksgiving right around the corner, I felt this would be the perfect

Asian Restaurant Owner Receives One-Star Review and Goes Berzerk on Customer

Ruchu Tan walked into Ninja City restaurant in Cleveland OH and left with a bad taste in his mouth. The