Japan’s Famed Soufflé Chain, Gram Cafe and Pancakes, Brings Its Fluffy Delights to Los Angeles

Get ready to indulge in a fluffy, cloud-like dessert experience as Gram Cafe and Pancakes, one of Japan’s most popular soufflé chains, opens its second United States branch in the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County. The grand opening took place on April 8 at the Atlantic Times Square plaza in Monterey Park, filling the space previously occupied by Ten Ren’s Tea Time.

Dorothy Wong, the pâtissier behind this exciting expansion, and her business partner Eason Chen first introduced Gram Cafe and Pancakes to the U.S. in San Francisco on April 1, 2019. Wong spent two years traveling back and forth to Japan to train and learn the art of soufflé before securing a franchise license in California. With over 60 outlets across the globe, including Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, and Thailand, Gram Cafe and Pancakes is no stranger to international success.

Wong told ABC7 News in 2019 that she fell head over heels for the airy dessert during a trip to Osaka in 2016 and knew she had to share it with her fellow Americans. Speaking to Eater Los Angeles, Wong revealed that the Monterey Park location would feature a limited menu compared to the San Francisco branch but hinted at the possibility of L.A.-exclusive menus in the future.

The L.A. branch may not serve alcoholic beverages for now, but coffee enthusiasts can enjoy brews made from beans sourced from San Francisco’s renowned roaster Sightglass.

Wong chose San Francisco as the first U.S. location for its diverse food scene, confident that the city’s residents would appreciate the quality and delicacy of Japanese culinary creations. While it isn’t the first Japanese-style soufflé restaurant in California, Gram Cafe and Pancakes is one of the most recognized brands to set up shop in L.A.

The secret to their heavenly soufflés? A time-consuming process that includes up to 24 hours of consistent whisking of egg whites, incorporating extra air before the mixture is slowly cooked over low heat. Once the batter is prepared, it takes 30 minutes— or up to an hour on weekends—to craft the perfect dessert. Servers must be quick on their feet, as customers have only five to 10 seconds to start enjoying the soufflé before it begins to deflate.

With the opening of Gram Cafe and Pancakes in Los Angeles, dessert lovers can now experience the delectable, airy goodness of Japanese soufflés without traveling across the globe. Don’t miss your chance to indulge in this mouthwatering treat!

Written by Robert D