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Japan’s Famed Soufflé Chain, Gram Cafe and Pancakes, Brings Its Fluffy Delights to Los Angeles

Get ready to indulge in a fluffy, cloud-like dessert experience as Gram Cafe and Pancakes, one of Japan’s most popular

Why Does Goku’s Hair Turn Blond When He Goes Super Saiyan

As a child, I have always loved Dragon Ball. Probably one of my favorite moments in anime is still this:

Eevee Visits Japanese Offices

After you pick your starter and build your line up we all have attempted to catch multiple Fox like Pokemon

There’s A Live Action Play Of Inuyasha

Yes, there is a live action version of the beloved Manga/Anime Series Inuyasha. Sadly the only location that the stage

This Filipino/Canadian Rapper Is Killing It On His Cypher

Russell Llantino is a Filipino/Canadian from Brampton, Who is better known as Pryde(formerly known as D-Pryde), was just featured on