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Why Does Goku’s Hair Turn Blond When He Goes Super Saiyan

As a child, I have always loved Dragon Ball. Probably one of my favorite moments in anime is still this:

Eevee Visits Japanese Offices

After you pick your starter and build your line up we all have attempted to catch multiple Fox like Pokemon

There’s A Live Action Play Of Inuyasha

Yes, there is a live action version of the beloved Manga/Anime Series Inuyasha. Sadly the only location that the stage

This Filipino/Canadian Rapper Is Killing It On His Cypher

Russell Llantino is a Filipino/Canadian from Brampton, Who is better known as Pryde(formerly known as D-Pryde), was just featured on

Shanghai Photographer Spends 3 Years Capturing Kissing Couples On Shanghai Metro.

A Shanghai photographer captures the intimate interactions of couples riding the Shanghai Metro for over three years! Read on to

Cool Or Crazy? Samurai Armor Made ENTIRELY OUT OF BEETLES!

Do you love samurais? Do you love bugs? Do you love both? Well we have the answer to all your

25+ Hot Asian Women With Tattoos

Art, expression, and beauty. All in a day’s work for these tattooed Asian lovelies. Read on to find out more!

Underwater Knee-High Girls Titillates Taiwan!

If you thought Japan couldn’t get weirder, think again. Read on to find out more.  any aspects of Japanese culture

Top 20 Magnificent Asian Superheroines of Marvel!

Take a look at Amped Asia’s Top 20 picks of Marvel’s most magnificent Asian superheroines!  n the last decade we