Eevee Visits Japanese Offices

After you pick your starter and build your line up we all have attempted to catch multiple Fox like Pokemon to evolve to just have. Well except me, I couldn’t catch one since my parents got me one of these instead.

For those who were lucky, they’d find this adorable fox Pokemon called an Eevee. No one can deny how adorable this thing is. Well, Japan just made their country even more awesome and started the Eevee Company Visit Program.

You don’t even need to wade in the tall grass anymore, Eevee will come see you.

The program visits companies who have close ties with the Pokemon franchise.

Sometimes it gets to hangout with other Mascots. Or is it because Pokemon ran out of ideas and is now making cellphone Pokemon, but none the less it’s pretty awesome.

The Eevee Project is on going until the end of the month. I wish we could have them visit our office, since there’s this one time I came into the office dressed up as Machamp and was sent home by our GM Dave for the day.

Credit: Eevee Company Visit Project

Written by Hugh Huynh