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This Rising Star, Sexy Korean DJ is LIT!

One of Korea’s best-kept secret is a stunning DJ who goes by the name DJ Soda.   Her real name

Former Nylon Pink Drummer, Jamie Scoles, Releases Her Debut Solo Album

Jamie Scoles is no stranger to Amped Asia. She was once the heavy hitting drummer of the all female Asian

This Filipino/Canadian Rapper Is Killing It On His Cypher

Russell Llantino is a Filipino/Canadian from Brampton, Who is better known as Pryde(formerly known as D-Pryde), was just featured on

Rich Chigga Hits the Mainstream with Collab with Ghostface Killah

Earlier in 2016, 16-year-old Indonesian rapper “Rich Chigga” set the Internet ablaze with his viral video for Dat $tick. The video

“Chicago” MV by Jargon Dyonisis

Jargon Dyonisis is an Asian American rapper we’ve been following for quite some time. Previously we got an exclusive interview

Olivia Thai on Her JK Films Controversy, Becoming a Singer/Songwriter, and Her Childhood as a Prodigy

We talked about her booming music career, the controversy behind her firing at Just Kidding Films, and making money while

Japanese Vocal Group Paradi-Soul Creates a Unique Kiss Cover

I didn’t realize Japanese vocalists could do this… Japanese all-female vocal group Paradi-Soul recently released the above video of them

Top 5 Asian DJ’s you need on your playlist

Sick and tired of all that Barry Manilow taking up space on your playlist? Check these Five Asian DJ’s you

Another Dance Crew’s Video is Going Viral, and Yes They’re Asian

We’ve come to know that the most elite dance groups on the planet are made of Asians. How else can