This Rising Star, Sexy Korean DJ is LIT!

One of Korea’s best-kept secret is a stunning DJ who goes by the name DJ Soda.


Her real name is  SoHee, Hwang and she puts audiences in a trance with both her beauty and beats.


At age 31 (still a beauty!), she’s a viral sensation who’s gaining popularity all around social media attracting millions of followers.


For all the people hitting up the clubs, she’s one of the most recognizable DJ’s.


Having started out with acting and singing, DJ Soda dropped it all to pursue her passion and make name for herself as a music icon.


Though known for her electronics beats that get’s the club lit, her photoshoots are also making a big splash.


Her rising stardom led to an invitation from the Major League Baseball to be in the 2017 MLB All-Star Week Festivities as a Korean rep.


But her musical talents and sexy appearance aren’t all. She’s got a heart of gold, having donated all of her earnings from a concert to charity to help young girls who can’t afford tampons and must resort to used socks and shoe soles.


A full-length album is also in the making. She hopes to collaborate with hip-hop legends. Her favorite group is the Wu-Tang Clan, so that may give us a clue with who she has in mind.


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Written by Tai Tai