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Ann McFerran: The Modern Artista

Originally from Thailand, the LA-based artist Ann McFerran is both beautiful and creates beautiful works of art. Her usage of

Why Does Goku’s Hair Turn Blond When He Goes Super Saiyan

As a child, I have always loved Dragon Ball. Probably one of my favorite moments in anime is still this:

Let’s Support Asian American Singers! Help Olivia Thai Win Megastar!

Olivia Thai, an Asian American musician previously featured on Amped Asia, is currently a top 10 finalist out of 17,000

Who wants to see an adult version of Kamen Rider? We do. Check out Gun Caliber and Strega!

A month ago I get an email late at night while out with my friends. I get this link –

Japanese Idol Explains Disturbing Experiences With Gifted Stuffed Animals

Receiving gifts from fans is usually viewed as kind gestures, but sometimes, the gifts aren’t too friendly as they seem.

Taiwanese DJ Fights Thief For Stealing Her Phone

A female DJ was just having fun at a club in Los Angeles, but then a thief snatched her phone

J-Pop Star Ayumi Hamasaki is Going Completely Deaf

One of Japan’s most successful pop star is going completely deaf.  Ayumi Hamasaki, the 38-year-old singer, faces this problem that

This Filipino/Canadian Rapper Is Killing It On His Cypher

Russell Llantino is a Filipino/Canadian from Brampton, Who is better known as Pryde(formerly known as D-Pryde), was just featured on