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Tik Tok Choreographer Darrell Rivera Takes a Stand Against ‘Internalized Racism’ in Dating

“There’s a huge difference between having a preference and, like literally hating on your own kind,” says TikTok user Darrell

Up in Smoke: Employee’s $11,000 Fine for Work-Time Puffing Leaves Netizens Fuming!

In a puff of smoke, a Japanese civil servant found himself coughing up a whopping 1.44 million yen (around $10,900)

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Hold onto your seats, young action movie fans! “John Wick” director Chad Stahelski has revealed his dream list of martial

Donnie Yen Slams Tarantino’s Disrespectful Portrayal of Bruce Lee in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

If you’re a fan of martial arts movies, then you’ve probably heard of Donnie Yen. He’s a world-renowned martial artist

Is Kevin Kreider Rich? The Bling Empire star’s net worth revealed!

Kevin Kreider, whom we interviewed here on Amped Asia, is one of the top stars of Netflix’s show, Bling Empire.

Boost Your Attractiveness with these Fashion Secrets

I spoke with Giovanni Wan on the podcast to discuss how Asian men can rehabilitate their image and become more attractive to women.

How Kevin Kreider is Paving the Way for Asian Male Representation with Bling Empire

Go all the way to the end to watch the full interview with Kevin Kreider (@kevin.kreider). Pictures by Sabrina Banks

An Interview with DŸLN, the Music Producer / Visual Artist

DŸLN is a 20-something up and coming Asian American music producer/visual artist from California. (Not to be confused with DYLN,