K/DA – More

Virtual augmented reality group K/DA just debuted their latest single.

Who’s been following the latest with the viral girl group, K/DA?

On October 28th, they premiered the music video for “More” which has gone to become a massive hit.

Created in 2018 by Riot Games for their smash hit League of Legends, K/DA has been making headlines for being an animated k-pop group voiced by both K-pop artists and American artists.

In the current iteration, the group consists of 5 fictional characters from the video game, Seraphine, Ahri, Akali, Kaisa and Evelynn, who are are voiced by Lexie Liu, Mi-yeon and So-yeon from k-pop group G-idle, as well as American pop stars Madison Beer and Jaira. Part of the massive appeal of the group is the combination of K-pop influence with western EDM and pop.

The pop group re-imagines key League of Legends avatars as a female pop group. The characters are more emphasized than the singers, as in some instances the female singers have been swapped out (Bea Miller replaced Madison Beer in a previous song The Baddest, while Wolftyla replaced Jaira).

Their first hit, Pop/Stars, was massive. It aimed to appeal to both League of Legends (LoL) players and normal k-pop fans. The goal was to grow the LoL audience, while also bringing different content to current LoL fans.

League of Legends is proving to be one of the greatest video game hits of all time, and has spawned multiple songs, videos, and media that have transcended the video game world.

Written by Editorial Staff