anders Drops Video for “Don’t Play”

Is anders the next weeknd? We think so. Check out the video for Don't Play.

anders, one of the most promising Asian American artists of the future, just dropped a new music video for his song “Don’t Play.”

Some call him the “Asian Weeknd” because he has a super smooth & light voice. If you want to listen to his latest song and view his music video, check it out below:

Here at Amped Asia, we’re keeping track of the Asian American artists who seem to have a promising career ahead of them. One of the hallmarks of a talent who has potential is the production value of their videos. In this department, anders kills. His visuals are great, his flow is amazing, and his sound is top notch.

Unlike artists like Rich Brian, who came to fame due to his funny / parody music video, anders seems to be going with a more straight forward route – with creating music that has a mainstream appeal.

What I also love about anders is he’s not over-emphasizing the fact that he’s Asian. He doesn’t seem to be relying on any “gimmicks” to try and succeed in the industry. That’s probably the harder route, though, as gimmicky marketing tactics like the video from “Gangnam Style” or the funny music videos of Rich Brian tend to help Asian artists move into the mainstream.

Expect to see anders do big things in the future if he can keep this up.

If you need a refresher on his music, his song Diamonds is his most popular so far.

Check out his YouTube channel for more.

Written by Editorial Staff