Asian Restaurant Owner Receives One-Star Review and Goes Berzerk on Customer

Ruchu Tan walked into Ninja City restaurant in Cleveland OH and left with a bad taste in his mouth. The ramen sucked, the Vietnamese coffee was nasty, and the service was poor.

He did what any reasonable guy would do. Leave a 1-star Yelp review.


Bac Nguyen, the owner of Ninja City, doesn’t like 1-star reviews. He doesn’t like them one bit.

So he decides to track down the customer Ruchu and stalk him over his social media. And harrass him. And insult his girlfriend and his taste in women. The horrifying exchange of messages is below.

ratchet restaurant owner

The messages became public and a local group in Cleveland has decided to start a boycott of the restaurant.


Later, it was reported that Chef Nguyen apologized for the messages. Ruchu Tan said he probably won’t return either way.

But isn’t all press good press?

Source: NextShark

Written by Editorial Staff