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Work Spaces At Hooters Is A Dream Come True

In all fairness, the AmpedAsia office is sorta like that minus the beers and wings albeit most of us here

Oun Siray Bikini Launch

Can this new bikini line created by Siray Kong succeed? We think it can! We attended the launch and took

Asian Sugar Baby Sued for $1.5 Million By Businessman

In “Asian sugar baby” news, a 19-year-old girl was sued by her ex-boyfriend for allegedly lying about her age, exploiting him

Server Names Asian Woman “Ching Chong” In Receipt, Manager Says Maybe They Misheard Name

Sometimes servers misspell the customers’ names, but one server decided to blatantly describe the customer with a derogatory and racial

Japan’s New Invention: T-Shirts That Enhances Boobs

Have you ever dreamed about having bigger boobs without paying thousands of dollars and dealing with surgery?  A Japanese clothing

Tech Investor Leaves Firm After Sexually Harassing Asian Female Entrepreneurs

Justin Caldbeck, a co-founder of Binary Capital in Silicon Valley, will be leaving indefinitely from his firm due to sexual

Young Asian Entrepreneur Scrapes And Saves To Open Her Dream Bar

Sara Nguyen is a Young Asian Entrepreneur that self funded the hit Toronto Bar See-Scape. At the age 22, she

Who Has The Dirtiest Money Asia? China Of Course!

China’s got dirty money, and we don’t just mean from shady business practices. Their money can make you SICK! Read

Find Out How a Jobless 41 Year Old Chinese Man Tricked 15 University Students To Date Him At ONCE!

There’s playas and then there’s this guy who tricked 15 girls half his age to date him at once and