Japan’s New Invention: T-Shirts That Enhances Boobs

Have you ever dreamed about having bigger boobs without paying thousands of dollars and dealing with surgery?  A Japanese clothing company released these T-shirts that will surely deceive many people.



EkoD Works launched these new T-shirts on their online store in June.  What’s cool about these is that it is all an optical illusion!



The shirts are all-natural cotton garment and this specific one is called “illusion grid” T-shirt.  It is sold for ¥3,888 ($35.69).



The company considers their products as “humorous art and design.”  They further stated:

“With a unique MOUSOU (‘delusion’) mapping technology, ekoD Works effectively expresses the volume of your breast by the distorted grid patterns in the front. That’s the concept of this ‘breast boost’ printed t-shirt. Wearing it, you will surely attract a great deal of public attention.”



Would you consider buying one?  Why limit to girls only; guys can wear it too!


Written by Jenn