Australian Local Captures Himself Making Racist Remarks To a 7-Eleven Employee

A video of an aggravated man has sprung up on the internet where he is shown saying racist remarks to an innocent 7-Eleven employee after learning he was not able to purchase some items. The incident happened in Queensland, Australia in front of a 7-Eleven convenience store that was closed for cleaning purposes.

A sign was posted on the door asking customers to come back in an hour and half minutes because the store had to be cleaned. A local man from Brisbane went to the store to purchase some hotdogs and bananas but was unsatisfied to learn the fact that he was not able to purchase what he had wanted. Aggravated, the man decides to document his experience of inconvenience and in the midst of him ranting, his remarks turns more hostile as he decides to express how he feels.


7-Eleven is known for their 24/7 availability to customers and convenient prices. Normally employees clean their stores with open doors but they are also allowed to close the stores in the morning to do their business, though it is an uncommon practice amongst the chain franchise. Stores are also allowed to refuse services to abusive customers during their “Locked Door Policy” where they are allowed to close stores between the hours of 11 P.M. to 5 A.M. as it is explained by a 7-Eleven spokesperson in regards to the incident.

Understandably, the man was not wrong for being mad at the fact he was denied services presented from a store that never closes, but he refuses to take the apology and reason for the store to be closed and then crosses the line. The man is shown banging on the door and spewing out offensive remarks to the employee who was clearly doing his job. The employee is seen responding to the events going on outside of the store and continues to refuse service to the unmannerly man recording the video.


“Open the f****** door. You’re on camera you piece of s***!”

“I’m on my way home, and I cannot go to 7-Eleven, a 24-hour convenience store, because an Indian guy is occupying it.”

“You don’t give a shit about Australians mate – look after your own kind.”

“Muhammad. This is why Australia – is going to s**t! This is why Australia is f*****.”

“I’m being denied a f****** hotdog and bananas. Those bananas look fresh, goddamn, but I’m being denied that by this piece of s**t!”

“[You] deny the Australian customers when you buy in our country – f*** you!”

“Boycott 7-Eleven.”

The man later takes down the video after receiving media attention to the incident and explains to his reason for the video.

“I am not a racist. I am a very passive person all of the time. I spoke out as I was distressed… I still strongly believe it is wrong of the store clerk to close the doors and tell customers to go away.”

7-Eleven is not pleased with what happened and responds to the incident:

“7-Eleven condemns the disgusting verbal abuse and intimidation directed towards the staff member in this video, which is unjustified in any circumstance.”

Written by Hugh Huynh