Survive A Zombie Apocalypse For $100

Ever want to experience a real-life zombie apocalypse? Zombies are huge in modern culture, from movies and television series to video gaming.  Here is a chance to venture in a zombie-filled island in Singapore!


Images: Void Deck Games


Starting at 3:30 PM to 5:00 AM, Void Deck Games staff will shipped survivors off to an island in Singapore, called “Pulau Zombie” (“Zombie Island”).  This island has turned into a post-apocalyptic playground and only those who are brave enough will venture the island for 13 hours.


There will be areas that are quarantined and survivors must search and wait for rescue boats to return to safety.  Visitors will be able to choose survivor categories: Smuggler, Marauder, or Doctor class.  Each class has its own benefits, perks, and abilities.


The key to surviving this zombie-infested paradise is by working as a team.  Survivors must hunt for food and find weapons to fight off zombies.


Images: Void Deck Games


If anyone is bitten, do not worry; the game is not over yet.  Those who are bitten will join forces with the undead and hunt the remaining survivors down.


An entry to this journey costs SGD 129.90 ($95.33).  It includes a chartered ferry, one meal, snacks and drinks, photos and videos to capture the experience, survivor missions, zombie blasters, and overnight lodging.


Images: Void Deck Games


There is only one available VIP ticket, which is called “The Doctor”.  This package is SGD 249 ($183.40) and includes the ability to heal teammates, starting game with zombie blaster, and obtaining a custom souvenir costume.


Tickets are available on Eventbrite and will be starting in September 2!



Good luck out there, you may need it.

Written by Jenn