2-Year-Old Girl in China Dies From Prank

In an apartment complex in Changsha, China, a 5-year-old boy carried the 2-year-old girl to the elevator, sending her to the 18th floor.  The toddler had reportedly fallen to the 2nd floor.  Unfortunately, she did not survive the fall.



This incident occurred on July 3, where surveillance footage showed the toddler, identified as Li Li, being carried by another unsupervised child to the elevator.  There was also a third child who partook in the prank.



Li Li was placed in the elevator by herself, and as the machine rose to the 18th floor, the child is seen to be distressed and trying to get out.



The last time the child was seen alive was when she exited the elevator that had reached the 18th floor.



It was assumed that Li Li fell through a railing that did not have glass protections, unlike the other surrounding buildings.  The speculations are based off footprints in the area.

Her body was discovered on the second floor, next to piles of trash.



Nearby Residents heard of this tragic incident and held a candle-lit vigil for the toddler.



It is still unknown on how the unsupervised children were connected and if the toddler’s parents will take action against the boy’s parents.





(Source: NextShark)


Written by Jenn