Woman in China wins ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ Contest

A competition for the ‘Most Beautiful Buttocks’ in China took place in a shopping mall in Shenyang, a provincial capital of Liaoning Province.

Out of 50 contestants wiggling and shaking their bottoms to seven different judges, Gao Qian, a 19-year-old personal trainer and vlogger, took the title home.



Gao Qian, being 5 ft. and 7 in. tall and weighing 132 lbs., underwent intensive training in preparation for the contest, working out an average of six hours a day and doing thousands of squats and lunges.

She prides in winning the competition, stating, “I’m very pleased with the results”, and continues with, “I will carry on training no matter how hard it might get.”



Her bottom is all natural and she has never had implants.  In public, she says that she cannot go out in public wearing tights since “people would surround [her] and point at [her] backside”.  One experience she had was a couple arguing because the man was praising her assets to his girlfriend.


Although she has won the title, she continues to work hard.



She believes that Asian women have a slight disadvantage when compared to Caucasian or Latino women in regards to curves.

“It might be a genetic thing or the bone structure.”

“In addition, they have more systematic training.”



However, that doesn’t stop her from dreaming to compete in the Miss BumBum competition in Brazil.

Her family is extremely supportive and believes this a positive activity for her to do.  When signing up, her father gave her motivation and support.  She feels absolutely fortunate to have a family who has her back.




(Source: DailyMail UK )

Written by Jenn