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Asian Women Smuggled Suitcase Made of Cocaine

Smugglers usually hide their illegal items, but not for this Southeast Asian woman.   She was arrested at Pudong Airport

Horse Fat in Korean Facial Beauty

There have been all sorts of methods used for skin care; one beauty trend in South Korea uses horse skin

Chinese Woman Slaps and Drags Her Sexual Harasser to Police

Many women deal with being groped and sexually touched by strangers; however, a woman from China refused to let her

Poor Chinese Man Finds A Slavic Love

In China, the typically wedding tradition is for the man to have stability. Brides often look for their Husbands to

Chinese Tourists Are Destroying Cherry Blossom Trees for the Perfect Selfie

It is the time of the year for the cherry blossom trees in China to bloom and expose its beauty

North Korea Opens Marathon To Americans.

Wanna visit Korea, but not risk sneaking in? Do you want to see (the drab) colors of Pyongyang, without faking

K-Pop Banned From China

China has just banned all Korean Artists from performing in China. So any music or visual media that hails from

Watch This Man Propose With More Than 20 Supercars – You Will Weep At Her Response

A man in Shenzhen, China, pulled off an elaborate marriage proposal — involving more than TWENTY Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley

Psy Crashes Rolls Royce Into Bus While Visiting China

The K-pop star has another megahit, this time in the form of car crash instead of catching tune. Read on