Chinese Woman Slaps and Drags Her Sexual Harasser to Police

Many women deal with being groped and sexually touched by strangers; however, a woman from China refused to let her pervert get away.  Immediately after slapping him, she drags him to the authorities in the Nanning metro station on Tuesday.



Surveillance footage shows a man standing behind the woman with a green suitcase on an escalator.  Seconds after standing behind her, he reaches out to touch her hips.



The video displays what had happened when the creeper placed his hands on her:



She slaps the man and then drags him over to the police.



The man stated “I was ready to exit the subway and the woman appeared in front of me,” the man said, according to Daily Mail.  “I just touched her once on the bum.  Then she said this is an obscenity and dragged me to the police”.



The woman stated that “[she] was on the escalator and he stood behind [her].  He grabbed [her] buttocks so [she] hit him”.



The man was detained for further questioning.


(Source: NextShark)

Written by Jenn