Watch This Man Propose With More Than 20 Supercars – You Will Weep At Her Response

A man in Shenzhen, China, pulled off an elaborate marriage proposal — involving more than TWENTY Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley — that would make the flashiest of millionaires look modest. With onlookers recording this epic event with their cameras, find out how the girl reacted.

Asking for your significant other’s hand in marriage is often a symbolic event. Many men rack their brains for months trying to think of the perfect way to pop the question. Should you propose in front of a crowd at an NBA game, recruit a dozen buddies to stage a flashmob, or just recite a self-penned romantic poem in private?

One man in Shenzhen, China chose to take his public display of affection to the extreme – by gathering more than 20 supercars and have the motorcade drive to a retail store in the city.

Watch what happens when he gets down on one knee with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

The extravagant proposal left the girl visibly distressed, and she could be heard uttering in Mandarin:

“We’ve already known each other for so long, so when you suddenly ask something like this… What are you doing? *pause* I really can’t. I can’t. You stand up first, stand up first. I want you to… I beg you, please stand up! There are so many people here, they are all looking! I really can’t, I really can’t.”

The exasperated bride-to-be girl eventually walked off, and the video ends with the man still on his knee.

After watching this spectacular backfire, there are some important questions to ponder over.

1) Was this actually a marriage proposal or just a proposal asking the woman to be his girlfriend? Maybe neither, but rather it’s an apology or something. Color us curious, but we believe you’re more focused on the glittering array of cars and the stunned lady’s reaction.

2) Can money really buy you everything? But all things equal, having plenty of wealth is definitely an awesome thing that many people dream of – that is why many millennials are interested in being successful at business. (If you haven’t checked out our sister site HyperLush, do head over for inspiring stories of achieving financial success)

3) Public proposals are not for everyone. Depending on the character of the other party, she may appreciate having a lower profile celebration. Would he have succeeded if he had toned it down? Well, at least we know he wouldn’t be as embarrassed even if he hadn’t.

4) Could this be a publicity stunt or some viral marketing tactic and we have all been trolled?

5) Personally, this is the most pertinent question for me – If the man in the video was able to hire 20 supercars, why has he not gotten a hair transplant yet?

Written by Jun Kai