Chinese Woman SLITS WRISTS After Meeting Her Online Crush For The First Time

If you have ever been disappointed in the online dating scene have we got the article for you!

The dating scene is hard enough as it is, but with the proliferation of online dating one would think it would be easier and easier to find that eternal soul mate. THINK AGAIN.


As a recent story coming out of Mainland, China proves, online dating can of course be just as disappointing, and in this case more so than the actual thing.

A 23 year old woman from Jinlin Province attempted to commit suicide MULTIPLE times after a disastrous first time meeting with the man she was having an online relationship with.



Reportedly the yet named woman began an online relationship with a man 10 years older than her against the approval of her family and friends. Despite all opposition from her family, the woman decided to meet her online lover which resulted in a series of tumultuous events.



The woman travelled to nearby Heilongjiang province and upon meeting her online beau was so disappointed in his appearance that it led her to feel “cheated” and eventually suicidal.


“Did you try OKCupid?”-Chinese police.

So much so that the 23 year old ran atop her hotel balcony threatening to jump eventually causing police to get involved. Unfortunately it didn’t stop there.

Even when the police came, it is reported that the jilted lover attempted to kill herself several more times by slitting her wrists, consuming sleeping pills, and even swallowing broken pieces of glass!

Luckily the police were able to calm her down and no lasting injuries occurred. She is expected to make a full recovery and hopefully will seek counseling to help her through her issues.

However this story raises many issues: Are we as a society losing our ability to social interact? Is online dating the wave of the future or beginning of our end? How ugly was this guy?

Perhaps the world will never know…


Written by Editorial Staff