Mike “SquattinCasanova” Shares How Asian Men Can Kill it in Dating

Are you an Asian guy having trouble dating? Especially during the pandemic? Check out this podcast episode and level yourself up!

Mike “SquattinCasanova” is one of the top dating coaches in the world. We recently got him on the Amped Asia podcast to discuss how Asian men can level themselves up in the dating arena.

There’s so many Asian men nowadays who blame the fact that they’re Asian for their dating failures. Not only is this extremely counter-productive, this leads them down a dark path to loser-dom.

If you’re an Asian male and you’re having trouble dating, this video is absolutely critical. Once you check it out, I highly recommend you to also view Mike’s YouTube channel, where you can get even more in-depth info.

Key takeaways for online dating from our episode with Mike “SquattinCasanova”

✅ Use Tinder gold / boosts / pay for all your online dating

✅ Only do this after you’ve optimized your profile

✅ Every picture needs to be a conversation starter – for example an action shot, a well-known landmark, travel shots, etc

✅ Use professional photos, hire a pro photographer

✅ Edit your photos to make yourself look as good as possible, it doesn’t matter if you look a little too good, girls do the same thing

✅ 95% of guys don’t optimize, if you’re in the top 5%, then you’ll have success, doesn’t matter if you’re Asian or not

✅ In-person pickup is still alive and well in Las Vegas

✅ LA bros should move to Las Vegas, especially if you want a boost in your dating life and aren’t afraid of going out and meeting women

Definitely check Mike out at his channel!

Written by Editorial Staff