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Realistic VR is Coming. How will Relationships Change?

I was highly interested in how the Internet feels about realistic VR and how that changes the dating marketplace. Here’s

Sexy Dating Sim Finds Its Way To The Nintendo Switch Game Store

The Nintendo Switch has been revolutionary when it comes to portable gaming. It’s been such huge demand since its debut

‘Pokémon Go’ Releases Legendary Pokémon

Niantic, the developer of the famous mobile game ‘Pokémon Go’, has launched a new update, which includes Legendary Pokémon from

Adult (Anime) Virtual Reality – The Future Just Came

If some unemployed punk in New Jersey, can get a cassette to make love to Elle McPherson for $19.95, this

Yaskawa Cutter: Ninja of the Future?

Recently, Japanese company Yaskawa Electric announced that they had successfully trained one of their robots to mimic the real-life Iaijutsu

Japan Accepts America’s Mecha Challenge AND IT’S EPIC!

Be careful what you wish for, especially when it’s challenging Japan to making death bots because it’s happening. LIKE NOW!

SHOTS FIRED! American Based Robotics Company Calls Out Japan To Make Giant MECHS!

The age of Gundams might be soon upon us if this American robotics company has its way. Read more to

The 7 Wackiest Sexual Things to Come out of Japan

Many think Japan is the land of the weird. It is. Furthermore it’s also the land of the sexually perverse.

Tech Startup Founder Minh Nguyen Murders Ex-wife’s Husband

Startup founder Minh Nguyen attacked and killed his ex-wife’s husband this past Thursday night. He was the former founder of