Tech Startup Founder Minh Nguyen Murders Ex-wife’s Husband

Instagram photo of Minh Nguyen

Instagram photo of Minh Nguyen, source: TechCrunch

Startup founder Minh Nguyen attacked and killed his ex-wife’s husband this past Thursday night. He was the former founder of Plaxo, a startup that ended up being sold for $170 million to Comcast (also co-founded by the famous Sean Parker).

On Thursday night Minh Nguyen snuck into the house of his ex-wife from the front and fired several rounds into his ex-wife’s new husband Corey Mattison. Two children were in the house, and his ex-wife came in as well shortly into the incident, just as Minh Nguyen started firing into the husband.

Witnesses say that Minh’s mother found out about his murder plot, and came to the scene and cried at him during the shooting.

“Why would you do this? Why didn’t you stay away.”

It was too late. Corey Mattison was pronounced dead on the scene. Police arrived shortly after while Minh tried to escape with two of his kids. He’s in custody and being held with no bail.

According to people close to the victims, Minh’s rage towards the new husband was partly due to his custody access of their kids.

Source: NBC Washington

Written by Editorial Staff