Sexy Dating Sim Finds Its Way To The Nintendo Switch Game Store

The Nintendo Switch has been revolutionary when it comes to portable gaming. It’s been such huge demand since its debut last year. Traditionally Nintendo has been known only for family-friendly titles. Which when “Real Phone Love – What do you want?” came out it sparked a bit of controversy.

The game features images from Eri Kitami, which is a lewd cosplayer from Japan. Players get to send messages to Eri, a “16-year-old model” that loves survival games, photography, and taking lewd photos in fetish costumes.

The game consists of the player flirting with Eri via phone, and if she likes your response, she’ll send you some of her lewd photos. Not only the game is racy, it already has downloadable content and you can collect up to 150 photos and 8 videos.

It’s surprising how Nintendo allowed this game, but we’re glad they’re starting to cater to all their audiences

Credit: SoraNews24

Written by Hugh Huynh