Japanese High School Boy is Famous by Looking Like a Girl

A Japanese High School boy started his fame by looking like a doll, but of the opposite sex.



His social media accounts, Twitter and Instagram, are under the name Ginsyamu.  He became a social media celebrity in Japan, with 72,000 twitter followers and 18,000 Instagram fans.



This androgynous 15-year-old high schooler has been described as the “girl-next-door” and is confident with who he is.  He applies mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner while on the way to school.  His parents do not object to him wearing makeup nor dressing up and they sometimes consult him on cosmetics and such.



He explains that he does not cross-dress nor cosplay, but dressed up in a sailor uniform at an event.  Some of Instagram posts show him wearing a school girl uniform.



As for his love life, he has not fallen in love yet nor have been courted by his peers.  He is still unsure if he likes girls or boys.


Nonetheless, as long as he is happy, good for him!



(Source: NextShark)

Written by Jenn