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Does Cultural Appropriation Exist?

There have been many complaints on how one’s culture has been altered by other groups of people.  Some people even

BIGBANG’s T.O.P. Prosecuted for Marijuana Use

A popular Korean pop star was booked in Korea for smoking a vape pen that contained marijuana.   Choi Seung

White Journalist Fired After Racist Tweet on Japanese Indy 500 Winner

A former white journalist, Terry Frei, was fired from Denver Post after posting a racist tweet.  He tweeted that he

‘Indian’ Themed Taiwanese Restaurant Perpetuates Racism

People use different methods to promote their business and appeal to customers, even if it involves culture appropriation and promoting

Japan’s First Black Idol

A Detroit girl fell in love with the Japanese culture and soon became a pop idol in that country.  Amina

Japanese School Girls Are Selling Their Old Uniforms and Making Money

Japan is a land of very diverse culture and popular for many things. One of the things that Japan is

Marvel’s Ironfist Is The Netflix Series Fans Do Not Want

Marvel releases its fourth series on Netflix, Iron Fist, and early reviews for it aren’t looking good. Released on March

Bikini Airlines Is Real! Let’s Fly With VietJet

First and Only Female Billionaire plans on taking the term “Enjoy your flight,” Globally via Bikini Airline. Nguyen Thi Phuong

Yesterday Japan Lost A Major Landmark… Goodbye Giant Gundam In Odaiba

On March 5th, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza removed a major Japanese Landmark; Amuro Ray’s RX-78 – also known as the original