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Former Maxim Model Joins The Police Force

Kim Mi So is a former model that was nominated for Miss Maxim in 2014 and she dropped everything and

Maria Zen: A Body To Die For

A new face that we haven’t seen much of here in the States, Maria Zen is a girl that we

Lily2Silly: Wrestling In Bed Is The Best

Lily is this not so average girl that is just a literal ball of energy with highlights of the goofy/geeky

7 K-POP Idols Most Revealing Photoshoots for Maxim

Maxim is one of our favorite publications. It’s fair to say if they weren’t around, we wouldn’t be. That said,

Ayumi Anime: мила From Ukraine

If you’re wondering what those squiggly lines on the title; it’s pronounced Myla and it’s a Ukrainian expression for cutie.

Work Spaces At Hooters Is A Dream Come True

In all fairness, the AmpedAsia office is sorta like that minus the beers and wings albeit most of us here

Harriet Sugarcookie: Your British Girl Next Door

What can we say about Harriet Sugarcookie that hasn’t been said before? We’re not too sure, but probably one of

Yuni Kaye: Red Hot

If you like them very busty and red-haired then Yuni Kaye is probably the girl that’s going to wet your

Japanese AV KPOP Group Honey Popcorn

We all know that sex sells. One of the top artists in the US right now is Cardi B and