Lily2Silly: Wrestling In Bed Is The Best

Lily is this not so average girl that is just a literal ball of energy with highlights of the goofy/geeky charm. But don’t let that fool you, she’s a trained wrestler! What made this shoot a bit more special is that this is the first pictorial shot by @Augusteyn for Amped Asia.

How did you get into modeling?

I always wanted to try I had some photographer friends take pics for fun and people at Anime Cons, but it really started with my ex he showed his cars and asked me to model I started going to more events and more people started reaching out and I just grew.

How did you get the name lilly2silly?

It was my IG name my friends from college told me to use it cause I always say you’re silly or act silly so everyone started calling me to silly and it stuck it also rhymed with lily

So we saw you’re into cosplay, how was that? What conventions do you go to?

I love cosplay I’ve gone to anime expo since middle school that was really it for a while because my parents were strict and I had no freedom , but now I pretty much go to ever con local to so cal minus San Diego comic con I still haven’t got a chance to go and really hope I can go this year . I also go to mythical cons and gamer cons, not just anime or comics labyrinth ball is my favorite it makes me feel like a fairytale come true with mermaid vampires etc We heard you are a woman with different talents?I wouldn’t say they’re talents more like hobbies. I love sports and adventure like rock climbing, weights, wrestling, MMA, etc. I’m also good at baking and sewing and crafting you gotta if you go to cons or raves. I make all my own outfits and gear. I also love. And if it’s making anything kawaii I’m probably good at doing it

Yeah, I remember one of our staffers mentioning that you were a baker.

Yes, I do bake and I apprentice for Jimmy Huynh at Au Coeur de Paris bakery. I love baking it’s my way of expressing myself and art since I suck at drawing and it makes people happy

Also that you are a wrestler? Like WWE or I’m going to put a unitard on and roll on the gym floor beating up on the smaller kids wrestling?

Yes, I wrestle, no not like WWE, but I do watch it. I’m a freestyle wrestler –it’s what you see In the Olympics and I wrestled I’m high school and college and now I coach. I actually like my unitards, they’re called singlets by the way. I think they look bad ass and yes I’ll beat on little kids since I’m they’re coach and they won’t listen. Gotta teach those punks a lesson!

Haha ever use those moves in bed? Bedtime fun?

Oh yes, play wrestling in bed is the best. I like it rough. Plus the flexibility and strength are great for anything, not just bedtime fun. I can kick ass if anyone ever bothered me.

If you could wrestle anyone in the Amped Staff, Namely Leo Trajano, who would it be?

I would love to wrestle Leo or Hugh those guys are so hilarious. Let’s see who’s stronger, shall we?

I would definitely pay to see you wrestle Leo. Any future projects coming up?Future projects?

Well, I’m working on getting more shoots making more cosplays getting my twitch account up to stream just about everything I do gaming cooking crafting. Opening my Etsy for rave gear and lily2silly products. I’m also working on a t-shirt line between me and another line with naked e-Juice so keep an eye out. Lastly, my YouTube channel will be launching soon for reviews, travels, cooking, and just lily2silly awesomeness.

And where can our readers find you?


Written by Hugh Huynh