Harriet Sugarcookie: Your British Girl Next Door

What can we say about Harriet Sugarcookie that hasn’t been said before? We’re not too sure, but probably one of the sweetest most genuine people that we’ve ever worked with. Also, did we mention that she has a banging natural body and a sharp wit to match? Check out our interview with Harriet here.

3/23 Update:

We just found out that our homie’s Instagram was deleted. BOO!

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It’s nice to see you again! How’s everything been since our last interview?

Hey! Thanks for having me back. Things have been super insane since last time, super busy but in a really good way! I’ve got so many new things happening.

We saw that you spent some time with our media team a few months ago, how was it?

It was an amazing experience working with amp’s media team last time. It was my first ever professional photo shoot, can you believe that? I was nervous at first, but everyone was so friendly. I’ve made friends with everyone from that day as well!

Are we going to see you living in Los Angeles anytime soon?

I would love to move to Los Angeles! This city is so much fun and I’ve really loved how big the Asian community is. I don’t really get that in Europe. I’m working on moving over here for sure…!

So we’ve been seeing it everywhere – that you’ve been making 6 figures just by camming, can you elaborate more?

I have no idea how the British tabloids got it into their heads that I make 6 figures from camming!! I haven’t even cammed in over a year now!!

Also, we keep seeing the arguments in the comment section on these articles. What are you and what is your nationality?

It’s so funny that people still think I’m Chinese. Well, Asian people don’t, but everyone else… I was born in North Vietnam and I moved to England when I was 4. I think of myself as British more than Vietnamese though since I grew up as the only Asian person in my whole town. It’s kind of crazy! I do speak Vietnamese (badly) and I visit my family in Vietnam quite often!

So we noticed that you’ve slowed down on Porn and started focusing on lifestyle – how has that been?

harrietsugarcookie.com has always been a lifestyle magazine, we just also provide your pornographic needs! I’ve stepped back from performing as much, and now I focus on producing and running the company as we grow and expand. But I still do some shoots! It must be really good for Branding.

So what’s the goal for this upcoming year?

I think the branding comes with what we do. It’s fairly organic. I just want to keep doing the right things. This year I’m looking at doing more stuff in America, although to be fair things are also really busy in Europe. I wish I could clone myself! I’m doing a big push on my social media game this year too. I started a new YouTube show – it’s pretty basic but it’s been so fun trying out something new.

Do you have any messages for your fans at AmpedAsia?

Hmm, a message? I’m not sure… always make sure to floss your teeth? Especially if you’re into Sugarcookies!! Only joking. I guess I want to say thanks for all the amazingly positive support I get from everyone at Amped Asia. It still blows my mind!

Lastly, are you going to shoot with us again?

Haha. I can’t wait to shoot with Amped again! In fact, I think we’re doing something really REALLY soon and it’s going to be awesome!

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Follow her new account: Instagram


Written by Hugh Huynh