Maria Zen: A Body To Die For

A new face that we haven’t seen much of here in the States, Maria Zen is a girl that we fell in love with after she shot with our photographer from Down Under, GDZHTM. She’s got a body to die for, and she’s been a Playboy Playmate. Check out all the amazing photos here.

Originally you hail from Manila, where in the world are you now?

I’m in the land down under aka Australia!

How’s Australia?

Beautiful! Cold at the moment!

How are Aussie girls better than girls here in the US?

Based from my guy friends’ opinion, American women are sweet, friendly, and easy going. Aussie chicks are more outgoing and active. But I think they are all hot! I haven’t dated an American girl yet but I’m open to that.

What got you into modeling?

Started from car shows! I used to love watching car races. Then I got asked to model and then the fun began.

You’ve posed for Playboy?

Yes. I became a Playboy Playmate. It was one of my best experiences in modeling.

Do you ever plan on coming out to the US?

Soon! I’m already looking for flights! Can’t wait to see the US!

Do you have a message for your fans here at AmpedAsia?

Thank you for the support. It’s great to know I have such a devoted fans out there! You guys inspire me to keep going with my modelling career! Love you all!

What’s your social media?

Snapchat: Mariamendoza88

Written by Hugh Huynh