Ayumi Anime: мила From Ukraine

If you’re wondering what those squiggly lines on the title; it’s pronounced Myla and it’s a Ukrainian expression for cute. Ayumi Anime is definitely a Myla with her Korea heritage and her Ukrainian upbringing. With her tight fit body and a smile that can light up a room – Ayumi Anime is a new girl on the adult industry block that’s currently killing the scene. Currently, she only does girl/girl scenes and solos, but her super sexy look made her a star in only a short time. Recently she landed the cover of the Penthouse.

If you want to see more of her you may just hit ctrl+shift+N and type her name on google or just pay the $19.99 a month to check out her OnlyFans. Check out our shoot with her last year.

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Written by Hugh Huynh